3D Integration

The Gāndhārī Relic Inscriptions project has piloted the integration of an inscription with a 3D model of the reliquary.  Using the Theodotus Reliquary we have developed the methods to implement granular two-way synchronisation of a digital edition with the 3D model of that item.

Researchers can manipulate the 3D model and see the transliteration of each character and the translation of each word as annotations.  Alternatively, they might conduct their research from the aspect of an edition, and select a word to zoom the 3D model to the optimal camera angle.  The 3D integration capability was developed in partnership between Lahore University of Management Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Sydney and Prakaś Foundation.  The 3D integration has proven productive as a pedagogic tool and has significant potential for immersive visualisation applications.